Treatments tailored to meet your holistic needs...

    French formulated product
  • Product is based on special marine formula
  • Treatments are unique and focuses on individual's well being and skin requirements
  • Formulations are natural, paraben free, no mineral oil, propylene glycol,no artificial coloring
  • No GMOs, silicon and ingredients of animal origin
  • Product is renowned for hydrating, detoxifying, firming and nourishing all types of skin 
  • Australian owned company
  • Scientifically based ingredients
  • Fragrances derived from pure essential oils
  • Essential oils specific for their therapeutic effect
  • Products follow specific clinical ingredient percentages based on independent trials to ensure promised results
  • Free of artificial fragrance/color, fillers, chemical dyes, alcohol, parabens/harsh sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate, genetically modified derived ingredients,propylene glycol, formaldehyde,hydroquinone,resorcinol,mineral,petroleum based oils
  • Products not tested on animals