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Thez Torres, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology, CIDESCO Certification for International Diploma Aesthetics, Advance Diploma of Natural Beauty and Spa Therapy, Certification in Nutrition Science, Training and Assessment. Thez is a Licensed Esthetician in the State of California, USA.

Thez has over 20 years of experience in Medical Diagnostic Pathology. Her passion for dermal treatment motivated her to further pursue her studies and knowledge base in Dermal Therapy. She combines her extensive medical background and the holistic approach to cater to individual client needs and therapy. Thez is a sought after celebrity dermal clinician, more commonly known in North America as a Medical Esthetician and trainer in Sydney, Australia. She has played a key role in establishing spas for other Australian companies and is actively involved in medical and spa therapy.

Thez is a current consultant with Chanel and has consulted for numerous multinational companies such as Christian Dior, Yves St Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Lancôme, Clinique, Jo Malone and Elizabeth Arden. Her seasoned experience within these companies has built a pathway for further advancement in her expertise in cosmetics, skin care and treatment.